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Robert Keay is a Customer Experience and Customer Happiness Expert with 40+ years’ experience.
Author of 2 Books, Speaker and Golfer.
Robert M. Keay

Robert M. Keay

A Pioneering Customer Service, Conversion & Retention Champion

Robert M. Keay, CEO of Ethos Integrated Solutions, is at the vanguard of the customer service, conversion and retention revolution having spent over three decades delivering strategic customer service and process improvement solutions to over 500 multi-sector clients across Europe and the Middle East.

Bob has been instrumental in founding pioneering professional organisations and private businesses which innovate and promote the latest industry methodologies and technologies and spearhead customer service into a new age marketing essential.

Bob’s passion for customer service excellence began during a successful automotive industry career which culminated in the 1990s with consultancy and training stints at Land Rover and Audi-VW in the UK. He went on to cofound the Aegis Marketing Group, which became Britain’s leading customer service consulting firm. After successfully establishing the Aegis USA office, Bob returned to the UK to set up Ethos Business Solutions - a ground-breaking company which developed one of the world’s pioneering business process management (BPM) software tools that revolutionised the BPM landscape.

In 2003, Bob relocated Ethos to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ethos Integrated Solutions has since become the Middle East leader in innovating customer experience and customer service solutions. Ethos now has more than 50 full-time staff delivering ground-breaking and award-winning software solutions for research, journey mapping, employee engagement and mystery shopping to multi-sector clients across banking, retail, hospitality, government, and telecoms. The company is co-owned by the Privatization Group for Resource Development (FAZZA), which is part of the Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Interior UAE.

In 2007 Bob also co-founded The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI) - the world’s first service excellence standard with unique assessment methodologies which also provided the highest quality Customer Service and Experience training to firms, government entities and organisations seeking increased excellence and high-quality experience to customers. TICSI has now evolved into the International Customer Experience Institute (ICXI) - an international organisation dedicated to the recognition and sharing of global best practice in customer experience. ICXI has a globally-adopted standard, ICX2019, that improves customer satisfaction and optimizes service excellence and performance and which is kitemarked by both Bureau Veritas and BSI.

Bob leveraged his extensive experience to author, the world’s first Customer Service Standard – ‘The International Standard for Service Excellence.’, Since launching his breakthrough book, Bob has gone on to author other sector-specific industry manuals including ‘Value Moments,’ which focuses on a concept which allows organisations to measure customer experience and identify root causes of customer dissatisfaction. His latest book, published in 2018, is ‘Customer Happiness on the Horizons’,– a guide to achieving customer happiness and loyalty influenced by happy employees.

Bob’s latest venture is the founding of StagFox a game-changing, digitally encrypted, and dynamic customer presence gateway device which connects the physical and digital worlds. StagFox can securely verify user ID specific to location and time, before the user has accessed a brand’s digital service. StagFox is set to raise the customer experience benchmark by digitally connecting brands with customers in real time.


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Robert Keay is a Customer Experience and Happiness Expert with 40+ years’ experience, Author of 2 Books, Speaker and Golfer.